We, at PerspectiveHD, help you make your fantasy into a reality. The use of 3D architecture, 3D rendering and 3D animation allows us to showcase your dreams in the virtual world so you have a better idea of what you are creating and presenting. PerspectiveHD aims to satisfy you with superior quality of 3D Architectural Perspectives and Walkthroughs. At Perspective HD, we use cutting edge 3D technology to give life to your designs which allows you to showcase spectacular 3D Architectural Perspectives and Walkthroughs to your prospects. PerspectiveHD, staffed with a team of creative rendering and animation professionals, provides a wide range of services, like3D Architectural Rendering, 3D Architectural walkthroughs ,3D Product design and 3D animation, Corporate Presentations

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PerspectiveHD provides innovative, customized 3D solutions to architects, designers, construction companies, real estate developers, corporate houses, media and advertising and also in the field of medicine. Below are the services, we provide:

• 3D Architectural Rendering
• 3D Architectural Visualization
• 3D Flythrough and Walkthrough
• 3D Product Design
• Corporate Presentations
• Conceptual Design Visualization
• 360 Degree Panorama Creation
• 3D Medical Animation
• Character Design Animation
• 3D Interior and Exteriors

Services Explained –3D Architectural RenderingIn the present world, 3D architectural rendering has become an essential tool for architects, property developers, private home builders and renovators. Using advanced high-end software’s, our artists create 3D virtual buildings, homes, neighborhoods, and even cities, before they’re actually built.The main advantage of virtual design is that it will enable the client to visualize the final outcome in the virtual world and also save TIME, MONEY and REWORK on real constructions. These rendering visuals, pave way for real estate agents to show their customers several buildings in a short span of time.

The entire process of 3D Architectural Rendering goes on as mentioned below:

Step 1. Inputs & Quotation:We receive inputs in the form of AutoCAD drawings, scanned hard copies or even hand drawings along with the accurate dimensions, floor plans, elevations, sections, standards and specifications. After receiving the inputs, we will review and analyze the information and develop the right strategy and the action plan that assures best output. After analyzing the provided information, we will send you a quote keeping in mind the basic plans, timeframes and marketing strategy.

Step 2. Brief: On approval of quote, we take the necessary details like architectural plans, design finishes, colors, furniture design, landscaping, etc. After receiving all the details, we will start the project.

Step 3. 3D Architectural Plan:
• Placing of walls, doors, windows and fixed (built-in) furniture.
• Constructing the exterior of the building.
• Building all hard landscaping, pools, pathways, podiums, retaining walls and ground surfaces.
• Ensuring that all surfaces are identified but not truly brought to life.

Step 4.3D Architectural Scene & Animation:
• Applying surfaces and textures to all architectural construction elements.
• Inserting detailed furniture and interior design features.
• Inserting all landscaping, trees and shrubs included.
• Lighting the 3D scene.
• Determining the camera angles for still artwork and architectural renderings.

After creating the 3D architectural scene, we will start the process of animation, and send you the first-tier checkset (proofs).Now is the time to review your basic plan or imagination about the output! Either you can draw on the image, explaining your changes, or you can send us a detailed text describing what you would like us to do.

Step 5. Delivery: Upon completion of the project, minimum two-tier checking system (a three-tier system in case of exceptional circumstances) is implemented.Your photo realistic 3D architectural rendering is complete and you can use it for all types of marketing and visualization.

Step 6. Follow-up: We want to have a long-term relation with all our clients. We will continue to be with you, supporting you and taking your valuable suggestions/feedback. We grow and succeed, when you grow and succeed! We are proud of our past successes and will continue to strive to outdo ourselves in the future. We guarantee our 3D work - we will be happy only when you are!

3D Architectural VisualizationArchitectural drawings are often highly complex, difficult to understand and visualize. 3D architectural visualization enables buyers, investors and other stake holders to get a clear picture and understanding of their plans before they are actually built. 3D architectural visualization is fast becoming a way to make new building plans more accessible to the general public before construction begins.

From an architect's point of view, this will result in closer collaboration between members of the architectural design team or can enable the client to have a more informed role in the design process.From a client's point of view, this could mean potential buyers get excited about a new property earlier and therefore enable the developer to sell more successfully.

3D Flythrough and WalkthroughAn architectural walkthrough is a CAD model that generates a virtual tour of a building or structure prior to its actual construction. A 3D Walkthrough often referred as 3D Flythrough, is a communication tool demonstrating how the building will be seen from all angles. These 3D walkthroughs and flythrough are based on 3D modelling.We develop accurate, eye-catching and quality walkthrough, fly pasts, and fly bys, with computer animation using latest technology.Some of the advantages for Walkthrough are

• Actual materials, Interior lighting, Landscaping in the entire premises can be shown.

• Natural lighting, based upon window direction, time of year, time of day, and even global latitude can be previewed.

• Lifts, escalators, and moving objects can be incorporated and can be shown in operational condition.

• View can be previewed.

• Multiple design options can be explored and resolved before start of building.

By using 3D walkthrough and flythrough services you can virtually walk and fly in your designed space, also it makes design and space self-explanatory to customers and helps in business promotion.

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